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I am passionate about crafting fine jewelry with a commitment to sustainability, utilising only recycled silver, gold, and platinum sourced from reputable suppliers in the UK. Specializing in the art of remodelling and transforming family heirlooms, I breathe new life into cherished pieces while minimizing environmental impact. Repurposing gold and gemstones from unused or inherited jewelry not only preserves sentimentality but also aligns with environmentally friendly practices through recycling.

My dedication to ethical sourcing extends to carefully selecting stones from reputable dealers within the UK. With meticulous craftsmanship and an eco-conscious approach, I create timeless pieces that exude elegance while honoring our planet. Feel free to reach out to enquire about the origins of a specific piece. For bespoke projects, we can collaborate to ensure the materials align with your ethical and moral values. Your journey towards sustainable and meaningful jewelry starts here.

It must be stated that buying new chain is not yet available in recycled metals.

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