Sustainability and the use of environmentally friendly materials in the production of jewellery, start to finish, is incredibly Nicola..  It is an ongoing mission to reach a point where hopefully everything will be recycled, recyclable and locally or sustainably sourced.

So far, Nicola is using 'eco silver' in her products which is 100% recycled silver.  The packaging your order comes in is all recycled and recyclable cardboard with recycle friendly tape and address stickers   The jewellery boxes are recyclable however the foam that your jewellery sits on is not.  This is one of the first priorities to find a solution to. 


The 9ct gold used has been recycled or is 'fair trade gold'.  This means that it has been sourced from sustainable providers and can be traced back to where it was mined.  


Please don't hesitate to send any questions, feedback or ideas regarding sustainability.  Each product will have a sustainability outline on its product page, as they all differ slightly.    

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