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Finger Sizer

Finger Sizer


If you don't know the size of your finger for buying rings, this will help a huge amount.  Easy to you, simply slip ove rthe finger youd like to buy for and tighten the gauge. 


Key tips for ring sizing:

- size your finger when you are a normal temeperature or even a little cold - your fingers shrink when cold and swell when warm.  Fitting while warm might lead you to buying a ring that is too big for everyday wearing.


- when slipping the gauge off your finger, there should be friction when taking it over your knuckle.  You want a little wiggle over the knuckle to ensure the ring wont just slide off when wearing.


This gauge can be resused however many times you want or need.  This method wont be as exact as an in person sizing.  You can always pop into a well known highstreet jeweller, or come to me if close by, to have your finger measured by a proffessional.  If you order a ring and it is still not the right size, I am more than happy to alter for you just as long as postage costs are covered.

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