Repurpousing Sentimental Gold and Gemstones

Many of us have gold sitting in our jewellery boxes that has either been passed down by loved ones or collected over the years but never worn.  


Gold is worth a lot of money and is a comodity that has shown to only increase in value over time. 


Why not use your unworn gold to be made into something that you love and will wear again and again whilst also having that special sentimental value.  

Typically a piece made from your old gold is at around a third of the cost that would be buying the same piece brand new.*

Gemstones can be reset and given a new lease of life aswell.  Please get in touch below and we can start designing your dream piece of jewellery together!

I do not re-work silver or platinum.  However I can cash in old platinum to go towards your new piece.

(*dependant on carat of gold and if any new gold is added)


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