About Nicola

Hello! Thanks for visiting my website and having a look at the pieces of jewellery I make. Based in a town called Pangbourne, Berkshire I hand craft every piece by hand in my workshop (aka my garden shed).


I aim to create unique everyday pieces, made from sterling silver or solid gold.  As a lover of easy wearing, fine jewellery that I don't need to take off I have tried to make sure that my pieces are exactly that.  I believe that jewellery shouldn't be kept in a box, but worn.  Wether it's being worn in tracksuits at home or to a fancy event, jewellery you love should be able to do it all for you, especially in a world where buying less is so important.


I have mission behind my work which is to raise money and awareness for two blood cancer charities, Myeloma UK and Blood Cancer UK. Both charities are very close to my heart as they help support patients and families who are affected by the blood cancers.  The jewellery in 'The Collection of Cells' represents blood cells where one shaped ‘cell’ is never quite the same as any other.  I'd love it if you wore my jewellery to celebrate your own uniqueness and be proud of the characteristics that make each one of us so special.

.  With each sale, £1 will go to both Myeloma UK and Blood Cancer UK (Bloodwise). If you would like to read more about Myeloma, click here.  All money raised will be donated at Christmas each year.

I strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible with my products and packaging.  Please read my sustainability page for a full insight.

Do get in touch if you have any questions for me!

Nicola xx

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